Bounce House

We at Xtreme Jumper Rentals decided to thank all our customers that have spoken and continue to speak highly of us by starting our Friends & Family Referral Program. We started this program to ensure both you and your referral can benefit from choosing Xtreme Jumper Rentals for your special occasions.

Unlock 25% OFF

Step 1) When your Family or Friends reserve with us, have them give us your phone number to register your referral. (Phone Number is your “Referral Code”)

Step 2) Collect a total of 3 reservations* with your Referral Code and you’ve unlocked 25% off your next jumper rental. (Your reservations count towards the 3 as well!)

Step 3) That’s it. It’s really just two steps, this step you just place your order* for 25% off! 

*All reservation totals must be a minimum of $125.